Florida isn't just your grandma's battleground state anymore

But the census bureau figures show that the number of Floridians aged 18-34 now outnumber those over age 65. And those millennials are far more diverse and more liberal – especially on social issues – than their older counterparts. They also have very different expectations from government and from other institutions, including the media.

But if millennials are indeed going to wield clout equal to their growing numbers, they are going to have to get out and vote.

Their participation in this year’s Florida primary was up but still lags behind overall turnout rates statewide.

It’s fair to say that the 2016 election is NOT something people are feeling inspired by. Certainly, that’s true of young voters as well, with the added frustration that many of the issues they feel so strongly about aren’t a major part of the discussion by the major party candidates.