Trump rebound fuels surge in GOP confidence

“Like the Old Man of the Mountain, Clinton’s support is slowly eroding,” said a New Hampshire Republican — who, like all insiders, completed the survey anonymously. “The health fiasco and ‘deplorables’ nightmare had an impact here to motivate independents I talk to.”

Added an Iowa Republican: “She had the worst week of any presidential candidate in my adult lifetime. Her health and the ‘deplorables’ comment doomed her in this state.”

“I am, for the first time, waffling on this one,” added a Michigan Republican. “More and more of the chattering class here is thinking that Hillary’s health situation is opening up the possibility that Trump could actually pull this off.”

A number of Republicans, however, cast doubt on Trump’s odds, despite polls showing Trump leading in a number of states. Most of them chalked it up to an organizational disadvantage.