Hillary Clinton faces dilemma following "deplorables" remark

Democrats are divided on the best course of action following her remark last week that “half” of Trump’s supporters are “irredeemable” and fit into a “basket of deplorables” that includes racists, sexists, xenophobes, homophobes and Islamophobes. The former secretary of State subsequently said she shouldn’t have spoken in such sweeping generalizations but stopped short of apologizing and vowed to call out Trump’s “bigotry.”

But doing so could keep the deplorables comment in the news, and some Democrats feel like she should move on.

“I think there’s a sense of disappointment that she went down in the mud and stooped to Trump’s level,” one Clinton surrogate told The Hill. “So I wouldn’t expect her to go down that road again.”

But sources close to the campaign say Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, stands behind the substance of her remarks and intends to focus on the issues of race and discrimination.