Greg Gutfeld: You should be ashamed for ogling Colin Powell's private emails

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld has expressed reservations about WikiLeaks and leaking purloined private correspondence and records generally, but on The Five on Wednesday, he threw ambivalence to the wind. He started by noting the newly leaked emails of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, apparently by Russian hackers, and noted sarcastically, “There’s juicy stuff in there, and I’m sure many will dive right in — all in the name, of course, of transparency, right?” The same people gleeful about the Powell dirt are aghast at the leaking of hacked medical records of “our prize U.S. Olympic athletes,” Gutfeld said. “What does it say when you embrace one hack because it hurts someone, but not another. Doesn’t that make you a hack, too?”

WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange has released some of his own medical records, “as if saying ‘Hey, I’m fine exposing my personal life,'” Gutfeld said, noting that releasing your own stuff isn’t a leak.