Trump media feud moves from Megyn Kelly to "Morning Joe"

Much of Trump’s base are watching him on FOX News, but Jennefer Witter, chief executive officer for the New York-based PR firm the Boreland Group said he’ll have a hard time attracting more people without appearing on other shows.


“There simply are not enough voters within that category to get him into the Oval Office,” says Witter. “He needs independents and disaffected Democrats to build his numbers.”

While Trump battled with members of the media during the primary, he also had a strategy of appearing everywhere and doing countless interviews. That has now changed.

The GOP presidential nominee has appeared on Fox News and Fox Business 18 times in August — and on all other networks twice.

Trump was interviewed by Anderson Cooper on Thursday, his first appearance on CNN since June 13. He also did a phone interview this month with CNBC.

Once a regular guest on “Morning Joe,” Trump has now gone 100 days without an appearance on the program.

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