Clinton faces decision in Trump attack strategy

The biggest danger is that suggestions that Trump is prone to flip-flopping could take the focus away from the more extreme statements he has made during his campaign.

Trump’s newly minted language is clearly meant to ease voters’ resistance to him. The Clinton campaign doesn’t want to inadvertently play into his hands, by mounting a “flip-flop” attack that could leave voters thinking he is not as much of a zealot as he is sometimes portrayed.

Democratic strategists are divided on the issue but many believe there are other, better routes than suggesting Trump acts out of political expediency.

“Sixty percent of the population thinks he is not fit to be president,” said Joe Trippi, who was the campaign manager of Howard Dean’s 2004 bid for the White House. “I would reinforce that and not do anything to take people off it. If the race is about who is fit to be president, Donald Trump is not likely to win.”

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