The media’s excitement over Steve Bannon’s domestic violence allegation is hypocrisy

And, yet, the media pounced on the story as soon as it broke. Bannon is portrayed as a despicable man, even among many on the Right, so it’s a confirmation of character. And, he’s working for a presidential candidate. Sorry, make that a Republican presidential candidate.

The media would not have touched this story if the allegations had turned up regarding someone from the Clinton camp. We know this because they have repeatedly refused to touch any of the numerous non-Lewinsky allegations made against Bill Clinton. Bannon is not protected by any such liberal media wagon-circling because he is not One of Them.

Instead, they cheer the idea that Freedom of Information Requests got this information and that their fellow reporters were brave enough to seek it, when something far more obvious is going on here – they were just acting on opposition research that was handed to them. Or do you mean to tell me that it’s merely coincidence that on the day Hillary talks specifically about Bannon in a speech the media just happens to have this story ready to go?