Ann Coulter: If Hillary Clinton wins, the GOP is dead

Coulter said that she thought America was in trouble when Mitt Romney lost in 2012, but “now we are at the tipping point, it’s much father along. I mean, Democrats must be thinking: ‘We thought it was gonna take 20 years to completely take over the country. The way Obama is flying in Central Americans and bringing in Muslim refugees, we can get this done in Hillary’s first term.'” If Clinton “amnesties” all the illegal immigrants, she said — putting the number at “30 to 50, 60 million” — “it’s over, Republicans never win another presidential election, we have nine Ruth Bader Ginsburgs on the Supreme Court.” If Clinton wins, she added, “what you do, what I do, what Fox News does will be irrelevant because there won’t be a fight anymore.”

“I’m not going to be a nut and say I don’t believe the polls,” Coulter said, “but I do think the polls are going to change, I still think Donald Trump is more likely to win than not, I think people will get serious and realize, this is it. This is it for our country.” “I think it’s worse than that,” Hannity said. “If Hillary wins, I am blaming them directly for their sabotage.”

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