The "magic" theory of "undercover Trump voters" is not only wrong, it's hurting him

The great irony here that this entire theory/rationalization actually diminishes the chances that Trump could really pull off this near-miracle. This is because Hillary’s biggest weakness is obviously going to be a glaring lack of enthusiasm among her voters, making her vulnerable to low turnout. If, in a rational world, Trump was perceived as polling a solid 3-4 points behind Hillary until election day, I could foresee a scenario where an over-confident and lackadaisical Democrat base simply fails to show up in tremendous numbers and that Trump’s enthusiasm advantage could, if everything went perfectly, close the gap enough to at least dream about pulling this off.

However, the entire narrative of Trump being a “magic” candidate with scary “undercover” voters who might suddenly come out of the woodwork like a horror movie where the monsters are undereducated white male Trump supporters, should be more than enough to keep both Hillary’s supporters and the news media (I know, they are the same thing) from getting complacent.

This is kind of like an early season college football game when no one really knows who is good and who isn’t. If you are ahead in the fourth quarter and are playing Alabama you are going to be far more on edge and aggressive than if you have the same lead against a team you have no reason to fear.