Trump's supporters say his shift on immigration "makes sense"

“It’s just realistic,” said Tammie Raulston, 47 — who was sporting a sparkly red, white, and blue cowboy hat at the rally. She said that she was a “big fan” of Trump’s immigration policy because, “as a Texan, I’m constantly up to my eyeballs in illegals,” but she understood that deporting every immigrant in the country illegally was just not possible…

Many supporters said they preferred the term “evolution” to change in regards to Trump’s policy. One young man, who declined to give his name, said any “evolution” we might be viewing in Trump’s immigration platform is not “flip-flopping, as the liberal media calls it,” but what naturally happens as a non-politician becomes more familiar with government.

“It makes perfect sense; if he weren’t evolving I’d be worried,” Claudio Bertamini, 47, said. “He’s still talking about all the right stuff.”

One supporter who spoke to BuzzFeed News said she believed that Trump’s new policy was not only “realistic,” but that she now approved of his plan even more.