Sheriff Joe Arpaio okay with Trump's shift on immigration

Costello: Good morning, sir. Mr. Trump said, quote, we’re going to follow the law, we have very very strong laws in this country. You are in favor of toughening our immigration laws. Are you disappointed in Mr. Trump’s remarks?

Arpaio: No, I’m not disappointed. You know, I supported him from day one, about the law, cracking down on illegal immigration, I still do. Uh, the laws are complicated, he’s going to I’m sure study that law, and he’s going to follow the law, and see where that takes us, uh, on enforcing the illegal immigration problem that we have… [crosstalk] (NB – I transcribed this part exactly. I have no idea what it means any more than you do).

Costello: What about this idea, sir, that Donald Trump is opening to softening his stance. What do you think that means and should he soften his stance when it comes to immigration?

Arpaio: I.. I don’t know about softening the stance, uh, he’s going to meet with the minority groups. He’s a great negotiator, he’s a great guy, he has a great heart, so why not meet with the people and explain how he feels, and maybe negotiate and see how they feel. There’s nothing wrong with that, whether it’s illegal immigration or private business or anything else. So I’m.. [crosstalk] going to meet with those people.