All along I thought Trump wasn’t a conservative/Republican, but now I realize I’m not

For over a year now I have been trying to warn Republicans and conservatives about Donald Trump. During this time period I have always been certain that he was not one of us and that his presence in the Republican primaries would either directly, or indirectly lead to Hillary Clinton’s election.

I have continued to sound this alarm even after his nomination, largely because I knew that the general election, barring a catastrophic event, was effectively over as soon as Trump was the GOP candidate. To me, resistance was futile and counterproductive (why would I want my side blamed for the results if Trump somehow got elected?). I also felt strongly that conservative/libertarian principles were more valuable than to be sold for a couple of magic beans in the form of a liberal, reality TV conman and that by at least educating conservatives to the coming disaster that I might play some very small part it trying to make sure it never happens again.

For this stance I have been literally called every dirty name you can think of (and used a few myself in frustrated retaliation), and been accused of actively supporting Hillary for president.

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