Onstage, Trump sheds ego, lays off media, hones new role

That’s the new and more disciplined — at least new for now — Trump.

His supporters seemed to like it. I talked to several, and none saw any problem with New Trump dialing back on Old Trump. Yes, they liked Old Trump, too, but if he needs to tone it down a little in order to win new voters, that’s OK with them.

“I think it’s probably a good thing that he’s getting a little more organized in his thoughts,” said Kevin Linhares of Spotsylvania. “His statement about finally saying he regretted it, that some of his statements hurt people — that was good.”

“He didn’t seem organized, and he seemed all over the place, and I think people didn’t think they could trust him to lead the country when he was going off on all these tangents,” said Kevin’s wife Sara Linhares. “So I think it’s good what he’s doing now.”

“I think it’s probably a good idea,” said Kevin McCarthy, also of Spotsylvania. “Don’t pick fights you don’t need to pick, and don’t say things you don’t need to say.”

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