Charlie Sykes's air war

“I am dealing with the daily flood of emails on how we’re never going to listen to you anymore,” Sykes says. Longtime listeners write him to say conservative talk radio should criticize Hillary Clinton and not Trump.


“If I lose listeners, that’s a price I’ve just got to pay,” he says. He’d rather say what he really thinks than fall in line with other broadcasters’ embrace of Trump. “I feel dumber every time I listen to Sean Hannity. I don’t want to be that guy.”

Half of the callers say they don’t trust Muslims or that following Sharia law should be a crime; the other half defend religious liberty.

“They can’t be trusted,” says Audrey from Oshkosh, who brings up the Boston Marathon bombers.

“So we deport millions of American Muslims?” Sykes asks.

“Yeah! Let me make a comparison, and I don’t mean this in a bad way,” the caller says. “They’re talking about phasing out breeding of pit bulls. Well, not all pit bulls are bad.”

“You’re comparing American citizens, Muslims, to rabid dogs.”

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