Black voters respond after Trump asks, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

“i just don’t like the vagueness of the policies that he has,” she said. “I’m looking for more of a plan rather than just saying that ‘this is this person’s fault and I can fix it better.’”

She also said Trump’s characterization of black communities as rife with poverty and joblessness was “off base.”

“I don’t think he did much research ahead of time,” Nelson said. “Sure, there is a lot of poverty but there are a lot of different types of black people not just the impoverished ones. We all have a lot of different concerns rather than just education or jobs in a marginal way.”

Her mother, Jennifer Nelson, 43, said she agreed with Trump’s take that black voters have historically sided with Democrats.

“People are typically voting for what people have voted for in the past,” she said. “People need to really look at the issues instead of voting with what your parents have voted for before. That’s why I brought my daughter to both Democratic and Republican rallies so she can make decisions for herself.”