Poll: Voters agree with Trump that media is biased towards Clinton

One-third of voters said the media performed performed poorly in treating each candidate fairly, while less than a quarter (23 percent) said news outlets were doing a good job on that front. More than half of Clinton’s supporters (53 percent) said the media was doing an either excellent or good job, while 55 percent of Trump’s supporters said the media was performing poorly in providing fair coverage. More than a third of independents (34 percent) graded the coverage as unfair.

News outlets scored best with voters when they were asked about the amount of coverage given to the major party nominees. When it came to Trump, 54 percent said the media was giving an excellent or good amount of coverage, compared with 61 percent who said Clinton was garnering an excellent or good amount.

A quarter of Republicans said Trump was getting a poor amount of coverage, while 33 percent of them said he was getting a good amount. Roughly one in 10 Democrats (13 percent) said Trump was getting a poor amount coverage, but 38 percent said he was getting a good amount.

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