"But you know what, let's give them the benefit of the doubt"

“We know that gays and lesbians in Saudi Arabia can get the death penalty … would you ever take money from a country that treats gays, lesbians, Jews and Christians that way?” Hannity asked.

“Well you don’t want to do that and if they knew about it that would be one thing and I assume they knew about it, bigly, but certainly they know about it now so maybe they can give the money back,” Trump said, as the crowd laughed at his answer.

“Wait a minute, they knew about it,” Hannity interrupted, “because that has been Saudi Arabia’s practice for years.”

“But you know what, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. They certainly knew —” Trump said before Hannity cut him off.

“You’re going to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt?” Hannity interjected. “I’m not.”

“You know what, you know what, they should give the money back,” Trump responded.

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