Battleground polls: Clinton by three in IA, by 10 in CO, by 12 in VA

“The scary thing for Republicans in the Virginia and Colorado numbers is that they show a possible Hillary Clinton landslide in states that only eight years ago leaned GOP and before that had been GOP strongholds,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

“In Colorado, with a burgeoning Hispanic population, Donald Trump’s comments about Hispanics seem to have put the state out of his reach. In Virginia, the growth of the Democratic leaning Washington D.C. suburbs probably has made the difference,” Brown added.

“Colorado and Virginia are important swing states. Faced with these deficits in those states, Trump’s situation is similar to the poker player who must draw to an inside straight flush.

“Iowa is a virtual tie because the state has a smaller than average minority population. Secretary Clinton is winning minority voters in most states by overwhelming numbers, but the Iowa electorate does not offer her that opportunity. Also at work in Iowa are the effects of the Iowa caucuses in which candidates were exposed to candidates up close. The state also is home to many blue-collar workers Trump is attracting in other states.”

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