Racial violence forces reporters to leave Milwaukee for their own safety

Protesters also threatened a number of journalists, particularly white reporters. Near a police line, angry men promised to “beat your white ass” and warned to “get the fuck out of here.” A small rock was thrown at a BuzzFeed News reporter. A rapid succession of gunshots rang out from around the corner.

Later in the evening, a group of men in a large SUV followed a BuzzFeed News correspondent to a hotel north of downtown Milwaukee. At a red light, three men jumped out of their Chevrolet Suburban and began rushing toward the car. After a brief car chase through a neighborhood he arrived safely back at his hotel where an armed guard was stationed and the SUV drove off…

A.J. Bayatpour, a reporter for Milwaukee Fox affiliate WITI, tweeted that he was threatened as gunshots were fired just 15 feet away. George Stanley of the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel told BuzzFeed News his paper was sending reporters out in groups and “instructing them to put safety first.”

“We’ve never been attacked like this before, at least not in memory,” Stanley said.

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