How Gary Johnson's marijuana position could affect his presidential bid

Although polls show that a significant portion of the public has also indulged in marijuana (not to mention our current and two previous presidents), this appears to be a bridge too far for some prominent Republicans who might otherwise have been open to him. Just one Republican official, Rep. Scott Rigell, has announced he’ll vote for Johnson.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins, one of the most prominent anti-Donald Trump Republicans, has said she wished Johnson was not at the top of the Libertarian ticket because she is “concerned” about his position on marijuana.

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, another vehement opponent to Trump, has offered the same sentiment. Marijuana “makes people stupid,” Romney told CNN in June. He said he could have easily supported the Libertarian ticket if Johnson’s vice presidential pick, moderate former Massachusetts governor William Weld, had been chosen as the standard-bearer.

Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA), who opposes Trump and says he will not support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “under any circumstances,” has also drawn the line on Johnson over the drug issue.

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