"A lot of people are saying" Trump's a Democratic plant

How would Donald Trump assess Donald Trump’s candidacy? As he might put it: A lot of people are saying his campaign is an operation on behalf of the Democratic Party to destroy the Republicans.

“A lot of people are saying”? That’s not a very high evidentiary standard. What else?

Well, to start there is the photo. You know the one, where Trump and his new bride Melania are rubbing elbows with the Clintons. Bill Clinton spoke with Trump right before Trump announced his candidacy. Trump has of course contributed to Clinton campaigns in past years as well. This doesn’t even get into the fact that Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are friends.

All of that adds up to a lot of conjecture and coincidence. It’s more likely there is a less sinister explanation for Trump’s obvious political errors in the general election: An isolated egomaniac rejects the advice of political professionals.

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