What Trump's shocking Utah trouble tells us

They told the Washington Examiner in interviews Friday that Trump’s historic weakness there could be directly traced to his personal style, policies, and the manner in which he is running his presidential campaign.

They could just as well have been talking about what has sunk the New York businessman in state and national polls since the conclusion of the Democratic and Republican conventions.

Attacks on Trump’s temperament and fitness for office, and a sharper critique of his policies, has overwhelmed Clinton’s several real and exploitable flaws and shifted the national race, at least for now, in her favor.

“In Utah, brutal honesty is not seen as a virtue; honesty is, but not brutal honesty. Decorum and temperament definitely matter,” said Gregory H. Hughes, the speaker of the Utah House of Representatives who endorsed Trump after his first choice, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, was knocked out of the GOP primary.