In key states, the Trump campaign still lags badly

With fewer than three months before Election Day, in the states that matter most, Donald Trump’s campaign is still barely operating field offices and running no television ads in key states.

On the ground, some are confused who’s calling the shots — his campaign or Republican state and national organization that has picked up the slack. In North Carolina, it’s not entirely clear where the campaign is headquartered. In Ohio and Pennsylvania, volunteers have opened makeshift field offices.

Some are advising that the Republican National Committee, which is running its planned robust field operation, cut off money to the Trump campaign and focus on other races — something that an RNC staffer acknowledged to BuzzFeed News could be a possibility.

There’s been no public shift in the RNC’s stance toward Trump; chairman Reince Priebus made a surprise appearance with him at a Pennsylvania rally last week. But Trump’s drag on down-ballot candidates has not gone unnoticed. “I think that there is a possibility that could happen,” the staffer told BuzzFeed News of a potential move to cut off Trump. “I think over the last seven to 10 days or one to two weeks, there’s been a great deal of frustration at the top of the ticket.”