Does Wikileaks have Hillary Clinton's October surprise?

If Assange is getting his material from Russia and sabotaging Hillary’s campaign, that takes the pending releases up a whole bunch of notches. It means a prickly and powerful adversary is trying to rig our presidential election, and that’s unaccaptable.

In an interview posted on YouTube on July 27, Assange contends the next “batches of postings” will get Hillary Clinton arrested. Some of those emails have been posted on WikiLeaks and it is possible they contain some damning information.

For Hillary, the “fix” appears to be in universally, but freedom of the press gives Assange more power than all other news outlets currently carrying her water. She’s a candidate not without a significant amount of baggage to begin with, and she’s a poor campaigner. She needs all the help she can get, and no trouble. If WikiLeaks posts something in October so devastating that Hillary becomes completely compromised, it may be too late for her to bow out of the race. Instead, she’ll have face a McGovernesque loss.

It can be safely assumed the Russians do have a very large data dump that could ruin both Clintons, and they could have passed it along to Assange.