Trump "not that sarcastic" about Obama being ISIS founder

After repeatedly saying in recent days that President Obama is the “founder of ISIS,” Donald Trump seemed to change his tune Friday morning, saying that he was being “sarcastic.”

But at a rally in Erie, Pa. Friday afternoon, Trump amended himself once more, saying he was being “not that sarcastic” in his remarks about the president, which garnered criticism because of other dubious suggestions about Obama, such as his birthplace and religion.

“When I said that Obama — and of course I’m being sarcastic. And they know that. Because after I said that, I said he’s the MVP,” Trump said.

“So I said, the founder of ISIS. Obviously I’m being sarcastic,” he said. Then, perplexingly, he immediately added, “Then, then — but not that sarcastic, to be honest with you. “

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