Russian hacking campaign hits Republicans too

The identification of DCLeaks as a likely Russian outfit also has important implications for the timeline of events surrounding the hacking of the DNC. The site was first registered in April, around the time hackers believed to be working on behalf of Russian military intelligence first breached the DNC.

“This would indicate an intent to operationalize this material earlier than we thought,” Toni Gidwani, director of research operations, said.

DCLeaks posted emails stolen from Republicans including state-level officials from Illinois, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, campaign staff for Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and various consultants.

A cursory review of the emails has not revealed much beyond standard intra-party correspondence about fundraisers and events, and the usual internet flotsam and jetsam — chain emails and apocalyptic predictions about the coming era of socialist mind control. But the very fact of the intrusion — given the high-profile political scalps claimed by the Russian hack of the DNC — should be cause for concern for the GOP, experts say.