Workers in private sector are three times more likely to get fired than government workers

The layoff and discharge rate, which measures the number of those fired as a percentage of total employment, was 1.3 percent for those in the private sector in June 2016, which is the latest data available. This is more than three times as high as the 0.4 percent layoff and discharge rate for those in federal, state, and local government.

The report found that there over 1.5 million individuals were fired in the private sector in June 2016, compared to only 88,000 individuals fired in government.

“The disparity between layoffs in the public sector and the private sector shows that unelected bureaucrats don’t face anywhere near the competitive pressures as the businesses they are regulating,” said Alfredo Ortiz, president and CEO of the Job Creators Network. “In addition, public sector employees earn more than their private sector counterparts, meaning there is not only a layoff disparity but also an income disparity between the two groups.”

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