Why Trump has the temperament to be president

Trump is not some uncontrollable misfit who just happened to stumble on the Republican nomination for President. Intuitively, he’s applied his savvy business sense to the art of politics and in doing so he decimated a deep bench of Republican hopefuls. His victory cannot be ascribed to luck, but rather an innate and unmatchable ability to focus on the shortcomings of his opponents and brand only the way Trump can.

The regular incorporation of Trump-isms, from “Make America Great Again,” to “Corrupt Hillary,” continue to resonate. His latest statement, branding President Barack Obama as the founder of the Islamic State, repeats a true but unspoken belief that’s held within military circles that the President’s foreign policy and abandonment of Iraq is responsible for the growth of the Islamic State and the territory it holds.

No doubt this offends the liberal base and its allies in the media. They’re not used to it. They can’t process it. And Trump’s comments regarding the Islamic State, underscoring the President’s failed foreign policy, is proof. So the immediate reaction is to describe this comment, no different than others, as reckless and as an indictment on Trump’s temperament. It’s not.