Liberals hold nose as Clinton seeks to win over GOP

“Getting Republicans to say Donald Trump is temperamentally unfit to be president is not mutually exclusive with running on bold progressives ideas liked debt-free college, expanding Social Security, a public health insurance option, and Wall Street reform,” said Progressive Change Campaign Committee founder Adam Green.

Yet progressives interviewed by The Hill also said Clinton’s work to secure the left’s trust is far from complete.

They argue she can’t depend on Republican voters to beat Trump, and must ensure the full Democratic base comes out to support her on Election Day.

“This is going to be a base turnout election so there’s a real risk if you work too hard to win some of these endorsements that are anathema to progressive values that it could hurt Democratic turnout and enthusiasm and will make the legislative fights you’ll face in the White House even tougher,” said Democracy for America (DFA) spokesman Neil Sroka.