Clinton's presidency will use the federal enforcement agencies to entrench political correctness

Readers of this newspaper do not need more dots connected to understand why nominally sensible college presidents are rolling over like trained puppies to the PC mobs. Resist and Washington will terminate their federal cash flow. None will. All comply. That is raw power.

A President Clinton won’t rein in any of this. Accommodating the ascendant anti-intellectual left across America’s campuses is easy, because the institutions’ own leadership—presidents and trustees—don’t care. So why should she?

In fact, using the full “guidance” powers of the federal enforcement agencies inside Justice, Education, Labor and the EPA against the states and private institutions will be a primary and unaccountable weapon of the Clinton presidency.

This administrative federal power is virtually beyond the reach of Congress. The idea that a President Cruz or Kasich will “roll it all back” in 2020 after 12 years of the federal cement drying is just not serious.

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