Thank goodness Trump is a compulsive liar

With that in mind, ask yourself this question: Given that the shortfall of our total future government obligations — not the obligations themselves, just how short we are of paying them — almost equals the entire stock of wealth accumulated by the entire human race over the course of its history, what do you imagine the chances are that those obligations will be paid out in the future at their present value?

Don’t ask me to show my work here, but I’m going to go with something in the neighborhood of 0.0000000 percent.

Social Security isn’t the biggest chunk of our unfunded entitlement liabilities: It’s the second-biggest chunk, behind Medicare. Medicare won’t be easy to cut, either. To sum up: There’s no way in hell we’re going to pay out what we’ve already promised, and Trump wants to promise even more.

The real debate going forward isn’t how we’re going to go about making good on all those promises — it’s how we’re going to go about not making good on those promises.

But console yourselves with this: Donald Trump is a habitual, incorrigible liar. He lies about almost every subject he mentions: He lies about his real-estate holdings, lies about his bankruptcies, lies to his business partners, lies to his family, and he lies constantly to the rubes who have bought into his snake-oil presidential campaign.

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