Poll: Clinton 50, Trump 44

Clinton’s voters are more positive about her candidacy than those backing Trump are about his, with 56 percent saying their alignment with her is more an act of support than to stop Trump. His fans, meanwhile, are more motivated by their disdain for her, with 56 percent saying their backing of Trump is more a vote against her than support for him.

In the two-way contest with Trump, Clinton’s strongest demographic groups are non-whites (66 percent), those in the Northeast (65 percent), those under 35 years old (61 percent), the unmarried (60 percent), the college-educated (59 percent), and women (55 percent).

Trump does best among white men with no college degree (76 percent), evangelicals (59 percent), the non-college educated (52 percent), married people (50 percent), those in the South (50 percent), and men (48 percent).

Among those 65 and older, Trump beats Clinton, 50 percent to 46 percent. Independent voters, always a critical group in presidential elections, back Clinton over Trump, 48 percent to 41 percent.