How Hillary Clinton is preparing for the debates

Donald Trump displayed the sort of discipline Republican leaders have been looking to see for months Monday as he withstood more than a dozen protestors at his economic speech in Detroit and stayed on message. His campaign was so proud it sent out a fundraising email trumpeting just that. But it was only one day. Trump is back to holding rallies today, and that will be the real test of whether he is ready to put that last two weeks behind him. On Twitter Monday evening, it appeared Trump wanted to keep some of the controversy alive, as he suggested without evidence—claiming “many people are saying”—that the execution of an Iranian scientist who provided information to U.S. intelligence was related to Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Clinton’s campaign is considering expanding the map of states it is devoting general election resources to, both as it sees firming in its position in Colorado and Virginia and as it looks to pick up vulnerable Republican Senate seats in the event of a wave election in November.

Clinton is sued by the parents of Benghazi victims. Another GOP senator says she can’t back Trump. And Trump’s tax math faces scrutiny.

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