Hillary Clinton is the Dick Cheney of the left

Hillary Clinton is to the right what Dick Cheney is to the left.

Imagine, if you will, that Cheney didn’t have a history of heart attacks and was still as spry as Bernie Sanders (who is just one year younger, by the way). Imagine that BushWorld had sent Cheney instead of poor Jeb into the presidential race.

Rather than playing beta to Trump’s alpha, the practiced debater easily humiliates Trump on the stage and uses that $100 million in super PAC money to carpet bomb the pretend-billionaire with effective attack ads when it could have mattered instead of wasting them on Marco Rubio. Cheney places second in New Hampshire, rallies the establishment in South Carolina, and wins easily in a three-way contest against Cruz and Trump.

So on the left, you have Sean Penn. On the right, Dick Cheney.

I think most progressives would still vote for Sean Penn.

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