Evan McMullin's presidential run has the potential to blow up the Republican Party

The grassroots Right seems to be responding to the McMullin candidacy the same way they did to Ted Cruz’s refusal to endorse Donald Trump at last month’s GOP convention: hot anger at an insider who won’t abide the people’s choice.

“These mother #####ers are really pressing their luck,” argued member dp0622. “I see a Bastille Day in their future.”

“His first step needs to be taking a long walk off a short pier,” advises member headstamp 2.

Freeper JamesP81 sees a conspiracy of what members call the “GOPe,” or the Republican Establishment: “Looks like the GOPe’s Operation BackStab is in full effect.”

I could go on but I won’t. Essentially, a huge part of the Republican voting base, many of whom did not support Trump during the primaries, sees the McMullin candidacy as a betrayal on the part of Washington Republicans. It’s not difficult to imagine that they will neither forgive nor forget it, especially if he manages to flip a state to himself or to Hillary Clinton.

There’s no chance that McMullin could somehow be elected through a U.S. House vote (that’s the ultimate goal of Burguiere’s fantasy above). But the former CIA and Goldman Sachs employee just might manage to blow up the Republican Party’s shrinking electoral coalition.

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