Did Trump really donate $20 million to St Jude's Hospital?

“You won’t hear this in the media, but Donald gave $20 million to the St. Jude children’s home. Twenty million dollars,” said Phil Ruffin, the owner of the Treasure Island casino, which was the site of the rally.

The crowd cheered. Trump mouthed “Thank you” twice and waved…

Later that day, however, Trump retweeted a message from a fan, criticizing the mainstream media for not broadcasting Ruffin’s story about the gift…

But when The Washington Post looked for evidence to back up Ruffin’s story it could find none.

At St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, a world-famous cancer center in Memphis, spokeswoman Kelly Schulz said they had never announced a large gift of this kind from Trump. St. Jude’s does not release detailed information about donors, so The Post could not determine what — if anything — Trump has donated to St. Jude’s from his own pocket.

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