Contradictory attacks on Trump expose the media's hollow echo chamber

So we often hear contradictory claims about Trump such as how he will behave as president, even though he’s never held elected office. We are told on the one hand he’s a loose cannon, the village idiot who cannot be trusted with The Red Button or the Constitution. But no, wait! He’s cunning — the scheming King of Ponzis, able to hoodwink politicians, government bureaucrats, investors, and many others all in his effort to reach billionaire status.

Or how he hates women, even though he employs them in positions of power, often paying them more than their male counterparts in a male-dominated industry. Or how he hates Jews, even though his son-in-law, two of his daughters, and three of his grandchildren are Jewish, and he has been a vocal advocate of Israel for decades.

Or how he hates blacks, Hispanics, and foreigners, even though he employs them, befriends them, partners with them. Or how he engenders violence, even though the outbursts at his campaign rallies have been caused and encouraged by Soros-funded Bernie Sanders supporters, members of Black Lives Matter, and other leftist malcontents.

Or how he’s divisive and destroying the Republican Party, even though he’s earned more primary votes than anyone else in GOP history and is attracting new and crossover party members and people from a diverse range of demographics. I could go on.