Poll: Clinton 46, Trump 37

Trump lost a few points among independent voters, who have remain stubbornly divided in thirds — roughly one-third for Trump, one-third for Clinton, one-third undecided — for months. But over the course of the past week, the independent supporters of Trump dropped from 38 percent to 34 percent. Another 34 percent of independents now say they support Clinton, up from 32 percent a week earlier. Independents who are undecided increased from 30 percent in late July to 32 percent in Morning Consult’s most recent poll.

The boost for Clinton follows a rough week for Republicans after Trump waged a public battle with a Muslim American couple whose son died serving the United States during the Iraq War. Trump also split briefly with GOP vice presidential nominee Mike Pence over an endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who faces a primary challenge on Tuesday…

Six out of 10 voters have an unfavorable view of Trump after last week, up 3 percentage points from a week earlier. Just more than one-third of voters (36 percent) have a favorable view of the outspoken GOP nominee. The percentage of voters who have an unfavorable view of Clinton (55 percent) hasn’t changed over that same time period. In Morning Consult’s newest poll, 42 percent of respondents have a favorable view of the former secretary of State.

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