Are all those Trump controversies raising doubts in Trump Nation? Not really

“He should have been quiet on a lot of this stuff,” said Cervantes. He says Trump should not have challenged the federal judge overseeing a civil fraud lawsuit against Trump University with an argument that the judge was of “Mexican heritage” — he is an American citizen born in Indiana. Cervantes is also a Mexican American born in the Midwest, and said that if Trump had a problem with a ruling, he should have left it at that.

He does think Trump is erratic.

“He’s a little wacky, but he does it on purpose,” Cervantes said. “So maybe he goes in there and [messes] everything up for four years; it’ll jolt the Republicans to get things right.”

And he thinks Trump’s clashes with Khizr and Ghazala Kahn, the parents of the Muslim Army captain killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq, have been misguided — the dispute took the spotlight off Clinton’s emails and revelations about Democratic National Committee favoritism toward her campaign.

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