America is already great

Donald Trump, for his part, described Humayun as “a hero to our country,” adding that “we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe.”

The trouble is that Mr. Trump’s remarks seem somewhat disingenuous in light of his stated policies toward, and his words about, Muslims. Again and again, he has said things that are counter to the America we experience every day. He talks about banning Muslims. His supporters talk about religious tests. But if freedom and liberty really mean something, then Trump’s fear-mongering has no place in it.

I have implored Trump to study the Constitution, I have implored the Republican leadership to rebuke Trump’s rhetoric and policies. But too often they have stayed quiet.

America is already great — our experience speaks to that. And the truth is, no single man can lay claim to the idea of making it great. That is why I implore Americans considering voting for a man who claims that only he can make the country great to think again. I ask them to show their better selves come November — to reject fear, reject hatred, reject division.