Pot proponents see momentum

Five states — Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada — will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. Four other states, including Arkansas, Florida, Montana and Missouri, will decide whether to allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for medicinal use.

Collectively, the ballot measures mean more voters will be weighing in on marijuana issues than in any other year in American history. They come as the marijuana industry finds itself on something of a winning streak, after voters in several states loosened restrictions on the drug.

In the last four years, four states — Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Oregon — and the District of Columbia have passed ballot measures legalizing marijuana for recreational use by adults over the age of 21. A similar measure has only failed once, in Ohio in 2015, though pro-pot activists are quick to distance themselves from a campaign they did not fully support.

Twenty-one other states allow marijuana to be prescribed for medicinal use. Twelve of those states have legalized medical marijuana since 2010.

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