Poll: Obama's job approval rises to 54%, the highest of his second term

The increase in Obama’s approval rating comes mostly among younger Americans — he’s up 9 points among those under age 45 while losing a point among those age 45 or older — and political independents and moderates — up 9 points among each group.

Compared with other recent two-term presidents, Obama’s approval rating at this stage of his presidency ranks on par with Ronald Reagan’s ratings in 1988, and are approaching Bill Clinton’s 57% at this point in 2000.

It’s possible Obama’s improving approval ratings and outspoken stance against Donald Trump could prove beneficial to the Democrat seeking to succeed him in office, Hillary Clinton. Those who approve of Obama’s work as president are almost universally in Clinton’s corner in the upcoming presidential race, 94% of those voters back Clinton in a two-way head-to-head, while Donald Trump carries 85% of those who disapprove of Obama.