With the media now giving Trump the "full Palin," he's outgunned

This has even led to some clear overreaching by the media. For instance, Trump got grilled yesterday (this story was the lede at Yahoo for a while) for supposedly kicking a crying baby out of a speech. This was absurd. Any reasonable person who actually saw the tape of the episode could plainly see that he was obviously joking and that the whole thing was actually rather endearing.

However, when the Khan story has created the narrative that you are a royal jackass, then the media will see every other story about you through the prism of you being a royal jackass. Similarly, once Couric supposedly “proved” Palin was stupid, then everything that Palin said was automatically presumed to be dumb, even when it wasn’t (for instance the media later universally ripped Palin for tactfully telling a school kid that the vice president was “in charge” of the Senate, when, in fact, they are indeed the “president” of that body).

This is the kind of news media treatment I always expected/feared that Trump would get once the general election came around and why I have always been so sure that he would lose, even to an awful candidate like Hillary. The storm just came about a week later than I had guessed it would have.