Why anti-Trump Republicans shouldn't back Johnson-Weld

This isn’t because I’m anti-Libertarian, either. In fact, I’m libertarian on economics (classically liberal/free market), immigration (I’m not open borders, but I’m very pro-immigration), and support the decriminalization of marijuana possession.

Granted, like Ron and Rand Paul, I’m pro-Life—this is an area where libertarians can differ—but my main concern is that Johnson-Weld aren’t even good libertarians.

Don’t take my word for it, Cato’s Ilya Shapiro has written the definitive argument on this. One very important issue for Republicans is the Supreme Court, but as Shapiro notes, in a recent interview with ReasonTV, “Weld praises Justice Stephen Breyer and Judge Merrick Garland, who are the jurists most deferential to the government on everything, whether environmental regulation or civil liberties.”