The last 48 hours have blown the hinges off NATO's southern door

Attention was briefly focused on the latest terrorist mass attack on the French Riviera before it was displaced from the front pages by the ongoing coup in Turkey. The fact that France, which has been under a state of emergency since the Paris attacks, was unable to detect let alone prevent the onslaught raised the possibility that Western security simply cannot cope with the Islamist threat any more; that it is no longer a question of will not but cannot…

The last 48 hours have blown the hinges off NATO’s southern door. The European Union was relying on Turkey to stand between it and the chaos of Syria. Now the wall is threatening to collapse on Frau Merkel. The chaos she sought to keep at bay may have moved one country closer to the heart of Europa, a Europa which the French security failure suggests is defenseless against the fire which it, itself, has started within its borders.

The New York Times reported that readers were becoming depressed by the recent spate of violent news headlines. They had expected Hope and Change, the Arab Spring, the Reset and a World without Nuclear Weapons would bring great things. They laughed at every warning to their perfect world. Who’s laughing now?