Every time you say "All Lives Matter" you're being an accidental racist

What I am trying to do is indicate how maybe you haven’t had the best seat in the house for the centuries-long movie called “America’s Treatment of Black People.”

In fact, you weren’t even in the theater.

Let me put it this way: I don’t watch hockey. So why should anybody listen to my opinion about hockey? I’m allowed to have one, sure, but isn’t, say, Wayne Gretzky’s a lot more valuable? If put in a room with Wayne and yours truly, wouldn’t you think it wise to listen to his ideas over mine? Couldn’t I too learn a lot about hockey by listening to Wayne Gretzky?

By that same logic, it stands to reason that White America should be doing extra work to listen and understand. In doing this, it becomes apparent that “Black Lives Matter” is trying to say what you’re saying: that all lives matter equally. You’re just missing the (many) ways in which our country is not standing by this principle. When you say “All Lives Matter,” you’re drawing attention away from a movement that would help push the country toward the version of itself where all lives actually do matter. In other words, when you say “All Lives Matter,” you are perpetuating toxic racism and in fact causing harm. Because when you do, you’re making it harder for the rest of the country to bring about positive change. You’re broadcasting to others that change isn’t necessary when it very much is.