The GOP isn't worth saving from itself

At every step along the way, the party took actions that were specifically designed to screw conservatives. As an unintended consequence of those actions, they are now being screwed by someone who is neither a conservative nor a Republican, and it’s going to get so much worse before November is over.

And interestingly, it’s only conservatives who seem interested in saving the party from this disaster. And the party doesn’t really even seem to want to be saved.

At this point, the GOP is like a heroin addict who has destroyed everything everyone has ever tried to give him or do for him. Conservatives are like their relatives who have tried to shelter the GOP from the consequences of its addiction, only to really enable the GOP’s addiction to get worse. Then the Ted Cruz campaign was like an intervention and the GOP promised to go to inpatient therapy but instead they took all the money to pay for therapy and instead invested it in also developing a really awesome cocaine habit.

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