Is America becoming more anti-semitic?

OK, I wouldn’t focus on the Trump campaign as much as I would focus on Trumpism. All Donald Trump has done is identified an anger and frustration and unhappiness in our society. And he has provided for people a vehicle for expression. He has not created anti-Semites. He has not encouraged them. He is not responsible for them. But he has broken some taboos that have existed in our country. We have developed, throughout the years, a social contract amongst ourselves. In Europe, for example, there are a lot of laws against prejudice, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, etc. And the level of prejudice and anti-Semitism is much higher than it is here in the U.S. And you ask the question, how come? The answer is what I would call the social contract. Donald Trump calls it political correctness, which I don’t see as a crime. I don’t think it’s a sin.

What we have established in our country is that you can have bigotry in your heart, but if you act out bigotry, there will be consequences. Take a look at Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson was on top of the world until he was unmasked as an anti-Semite and society acted and he went from the top to the bottom. Donald Trump has removed some of those taboos. He has identified that there is this anger and frustration and he has proven you can criticize a veteran, a woman’s looks, a Mexican, a Muslim. He has released it and given it life. He hasn’t created it.