Free the delegates and support Walker-Cruz 2016

In Ted’s favor is being the statesman these guys do not think he is capable of being. If Ted Cruz comes out, admits we need to avoid the suicide that a Trump nomination would be, and recognizes he cannot be at the top of the ticket, he can be the king maker and statesman, both saving the party from Trump and setting the party on a course toward beating Hillary. It also, frankly, puts him in a good position for 2020 and proves all the pundits who hate him to be wrong.

Ted deserves to be on the ticket. But I think it is a bridge too far for him to be the Presidential nominee at this point. That’s just the reality of the situation.

Third, we need someone who has shown leadership, can beat the left in states Obama won, and will win back college educated whites while holding on to blue collar voters. I think a Walker-Cruz ticket has the best chance of doing that.

Scott Walker is loved by the donors. In fact, many of the donors sitting on the sidelines now were backers of Walker early on. Walker showed real leadership by bowing out of the campaign early foreseeing that if the field did not consolidate, Trump would win. He gave up his ambitions for the good of the party. He also can win in Wisconsin.

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