Liberal online daters less willing to fall in love with conservatives

Donald Trump may be the only candidate for president who has a dating site especially for his supporters, but a new study shows that in 2016, politics is playing an increasingly important role in many Americans’ search for a mate.

In a survey of users of the dating site OkCupid, 25.5 percent of respondents who are “looking for love” now say that having similar political beliefs is more important in making a good match than physical chemistry, up from less than 17 percent back in 2012. Liberals led political groups, with 40 percent of them looking for fellow partisans—a nearly 16-point increase in four years—compared to 29 percent for conservatives…

Don Cole, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Houston, Texas, who is certified by the Gottman Institute, another data-driven institution in the field of relationships, is surprised, though not shocked, by the trend. Cole said that 40 years of basic research convinced him that healthy relationships have three essential components: friendship, including love and romance; a conflict-management system for dealing with problems; and a “shared-meaning system.”